Thursday, 29 January 2009

Broken Silence, Natural Warning

While reading ‘Thousands displaced by floods in the Philippines’ in BBC, I remembered that I once braved myself to write a fable.

Yes, you read it right...a fable... I wrote a story which featured an insect (cicada), an inanimate thing (mud), plants (mangrove, etc) and forces of nature (wind, etc). I also tried using Onomatopoeia (words that imitate the sound of the object I’m describing/using) to add colour to the story.

I can no longer remember when I wrote it, but my inspiration while I penned it was a huge flood in Davao del Norte which claimed lives. During those continuous days of torrential rain, the whole family were helping my youngest sister Macky to gather data in a mangrove area at Mabini, Compostela Valley Province.

If you are interested to learn what message I was (and still am) trying to get across through the fable, please click HERE.

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