Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Why first-born children have higher IQs? (a repost)

Last week, I have read an article about why first-born children have higher IQs. (Follow the link below to read the full article).

Hmmm. I would say, this is not true in my family. I have two sisters, I am the first-born, Dennice is the middle-born and Macky is the last-born.

On intelligence, the article says that “first-borns had a three-point IQ advantage over the second-born, who was a point ahead of the next in line.... the extra time and patience that the earlier borns get from their parents, compared with those arriving later, gives them an advantage".

Hmmm, while I do agree that I was really given more attention by my parents (my mother told us too that I had more vitamins, up-to-date vaccine, etc. than my younger sisters), but Dennice is intellectually superior among us three.

On personality, the article says “parents' most favoured child tends to be the last-born.”

Hmmm...lemme think, yeah, I guess so...

“First-borns are . . .achievers, who are dominant, religious, conscientious and neurotic. They earn more, are more responsible, anxious and organised, and they stick to the rules.”

Hmmm...About 80% of this description is about Dennice. The words that would fit me are the “neurotic” -- ehehe -- and “anxious”. Yes, I am a terrible worrier.

"Middle-borns are . . .rebellious, less religious, impulsive and open to new experiences. They perform worse at school and often procrastinate but act as peacemakers."

Aha! I think I am a middle-born!!! (Hihi) Well, I am not really rebellious, Dennice is more of a rebel than I am and Macky but she is the most religious. She performed best in school and she does not procrastinate. She is really good in time management.

I and Macky are of the same level in procrastination. Wehehe...

Well, Macky is the peacemaker among us three...101%

"Last-borns are . . .agreeable, warm, sociable, extrovert and creative. They are the most favoured child, often a joker and questioning of authority".

WOW! Almost like a bull’s eye! About 87% of this description fits Macky! The last one – “questioning of authority” - is not her...That’s Dennice.

Next, on sexual partners, “later-borns want to enjoy more sexual partners than first-borns.... the youngest in the family desired more sexual partners...”


Somehow this is true in my family. Macky, the youngest, got married first, then Dennice followed... then I won’t follow them at all! BWAHAHA!

Of course, I can never tell what’s in store for me, but there is a great likelihood that if ever I get married, it would be on May 28, the color/motif would be blue, and I would be getting almost the same pairs of godparents.

Why May 28 --- so that, we would be celebrating our wedding anniversaries on the same date.

However, I still would like to stick to my "dream wedding". My whole entourage would not be marching! Instead, there will be synchronized swimming from a mainland to an island...


Cge, hanggang sa muli...

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Joel said...

This is hilarious! But I dont agree with it...hahahaha

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