Monday, 9 February 2009

FREE HUGS on Friday the 13th up to Heart’s Day!!!

I am an advocate of Free Hugs Campaign (started by Juan Mann in 2004)...

The Wikipedia says that this year (2009) Free Hug Day will take place internationally at 00:01 on Friday February 13 until 00:00 (midnight) on Saturday February 14, at each country's respective times.

If you have not known of this campaign yet, please click HERE.

Below is the music video (which helped popularize the campaign) by the Australian band Sick Puppies.

Video credits to PeaceOnEarth123@YouTube


Joel said...

Ay...I love this ato pa inform na ko ang gusto nakong mo hug sa ako ani? ahahahahahahahahah...haka kalami ani unsa man pwede intimate hugging with malicious intent? hahahahahhahahhaa

Gramme said...

hahaha, oplok man ka Nox uy!!! Mao sad lagi, macharge unya ta anig "sexual harassment" HAHAHA!

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