Monday, 2 February 2009

Fun at Kebabs Express

Last night, I craved for Kebabs, so I told my French housemate Elodie that I would buy her dinner at Kebabs Express, just near the main gate of the university.

There, we met my friend Leon, a very nice, gentle-speaking guy from Hongkong.

While I babbled to Elodie how I and Leon met, he suddenly asked, “Do you like a young girl?”

A little bit shocked at what he might be implying with that question, I managed to ask him back, “What do you mean?”

Confused with my confusion, he replied, “Because you are always smiling and laughing, you are funny!”

Still shocked of the first question, I repeated my previous line, “What do you mean?”

So Elodie came to the rescue, “I think what he meant is that you look like a young girl because you are a lively person, always laughing and funny.”


So I thanked Leon for his flattering remark, I could hear my lungs clapping and my liver forming into a smiley face. Not bad for a 32 year-old to be mistaken as in her mid-20’s. Bwahahaha!

Yeah, I still believe the best attire is smile...


Joel said...

abi nako Nax lahi iyang pasabot...baka may undertone yun...hahahaha pwede nimo ask usab...hahahaha...ay nalingaw ko ani...basta mangape ta ha ila Nox Christian...nus a man ka mo uli gyud?

Gramme said...

Middle of March akong plano Nox, hinaut dili na mausab ug wala nay mga kakulian huhuhu.

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