Friday, 30 January 2009

For the potentially pretentious

There was this guy I kind of like during college days. He's a complete package of a man, except for one annoying thing (at least to me) --- he thought he's the deepest person in the world. Haha!

So this poem "I'm so deep" reminds me of that man. The poet is Beau Sia. I like his "sarcasm" in this poem to pretentious people.

Check this out!

(credits to knownots@youtube for the video)

(Transcription of the poem)

I’m So Deep

I'm so deep
my anus leaks the words of the prophet
in a form of a fart

I'm so deep
the public swimming pool of my thoughts
is all deep end

I'm so deep
pointing to my brain magnifies
the value of what I say 327 fold

I'm so deep
Every word I speak is a metaphor
including "is","are",and "every"

I'm so deep
the words "I'm so deep" aren't the hook
they're mantra

I'm so deep
I'm the iceberg
that let another iceberg
sink the titanic

Question: what does that last metaphor mean?
Answer: I'm too deep to give you the clues.

When I say I'm deep like
a pre-war communist,

I’m deep like an exotic cheese spoken of loudly,
or I’m deep like the sound of one but cheek laughing,
you just have to shut-up and know what I’m talking about
Or remember the mantra words and whisper
"Yo, that motherfucker’s hella deep yawl!"

Because I am deeper than sense.
My silence is deep
I have deep underwear
and my balls get confused in them

I’m so deep
I transcend the word transcend

I’m so deep
I made knowing none of the answers
always the answer.

I'm sooo deep
I can find the corndog
in the platinum wrap(ped) single
of your mind

Damn, that’s deep

I’m like the deepest…
I’m like the 'Serpentaur' (carpenter) of deep
I embody the combined DNA of all the great "deeps" before me
I'm so deep my cock is shaped like Merlin
I'm so deep "3" is "4"

I'm so deep, the wind..............
the end of the poem is really
the beginning

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