Monday, 2 February 2009

World's best and funniest passenger complaint letter

Travelling is really fun! It’s edifying to see new places, meet new friends and experience new culture... a different feeling of life...

Although it’s not really that 100% fun, mishaps could happen anytime... like the last time I went back to the Philippines. There was a bubble gum on my seat! A bubble gum? On a seat of an international plane? Please!!! But yeah, it ruined my favourite cargo pants.

What I have just read few minutes ago at reminded me of some misfortunes I have also experienced related to food served during flights.

Please check it out, it’s really a fun read. It is Telegraph’s reproduction of the world's best passenger complaint letter sent to Sir Richard Branson (the owner of Virgin Atlantic Airways). This letter complaint is currently being emailed globally and is considered by many to be the world's funniest passenger complaint letter.

CLICK HERE to follow the letter


Ken Nodalo said...

Paki-connect ko Te Jo ha kay murag funniest travelling mn jud ako notion aning imong blog entry:

So, mao to bago ko lipat sa ako work sa Medco and I bought this new black pants. So I wear it one day and naglaruylaruy ko sa downtown. Sa dihang wa ko kabalo nga nagisi diay akong bilahan. While nagsakay ko ug jeep bika bika pud ko gamay kay wa man kaayo sakay ang jeep. Natingala ko sa babaye sa atbang nako kay nagduko ra man jud sya gunad pagsakay nako. Wala lang pud ko ato. Dayun nigawas ko syempre mubo ang atop sa jeep so duko duko ko bend sa lawas syempre mura man ka anag nagtuwad kung mogawas ka sa jeep di ba?

Sa dihang naa na ko sa baba tingala ko something is hollow sa baba. I feel like the air is passing through my "you-know-what". Bugnaw man jud ako paminaw sa akong "you-know-what". Gikapa nako akong behind sa dihang duha ka dangaw ang gisi diay sa akong pantalon.

Ni-agik-ik ra ko sa hilom. Hehehe

Joel said...

Hi Nax, yeah well written complaint...hahaha but he should consider as well hindi nya taste yun...for Indians it should serve well...Hmmm I am thinking now of blogging about my mishap with Cebu pacific from Manila to Hongkong - it's not funny though but a rant huhuhuhu

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